Curd Distribution

Sycamore Process Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in cheese processing equipment.

With this expertise and experience, we have been able to design, manufacture and install Curd Distribution Vessels (CDV) to effectively distribute curd equally for our customers.

WORKING PRINCIPLECurd Distribution Vessel

Following on from the salting process, the milled curds will enter the Sycamore Process Engineering CDV. The internal agitator arms continuously stir the curd inside the vessel ensuring even curd distribution between the outlets. This allows the curd to leave the CDV under suction via the block former outlets.

The CDV is fitted with a hygienic sight glass to allow operators to view whilst the CDV is active. The double access manway enables the internal instruments to be removed via the manway. These features are key in increasing the usability and serviceability of the CDV, in an attempt to decrease downtime and maximise production time.

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  • Fully CIP-able

    Fully CIP-able vessel with seal flush functionality to meet high hygiene standards.
  • Curd Distribution

    Even curd distribution due to internal bi-directional stirrer.
  • Robust

    Robust & modern design to enable prolonged running with reduced maintenance downtime.
  • Leak detectable

    Leak detectable for fast fault recognition.