Clean In Place for Distilleries and Breweries

Hygiene is vital in both breweries and distilleries. Using dirty equipment will jeopardise the quality of the yield and in turn, cost you money. Investing in your Clean In Place Set (CIP) to efficiently clean your processing equipment, can help improve the quality and consistency of your product, in turn saving you time and energy, lowering your OPEX.

CIP setUtilising our design and process engineering expertise in CIP, we can support you in ensuring that you have the very best bespoke system tailored to your requirements, to enable you to achieve the most hygienic surfaces. Each customer has a different set of requirements, so a “one size fits all approach” isn’t suitable. We know that you will want to consider efficiencies in water and chemical usage to optimise the cleaning cycle and frequency for your processing facility. 

You will benefit from our team of process and mechanical design team as well as our partnership with Alfa Laval as an Authorised Integrator, to ensure the most innovative and efficient components are used in the design of your CIP system.

Our experience in delivering CIP sets within breweries and distilleries has provided our team with the required knowledge to deliver and optimise a CIP system for your own facility.

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