Tanker Bay CIP

Being the Clean In Place (CIP) experts we have developed Tanker Bay CIP systems to efficiently clean road tankers for our customers.

With all of our projects we specifically design and manufacture our equipment to ensure it provides youTanker Bay CIP set with the most efficient solution, and our tanker bay CIP systems are no exception. Our in-house design team is able to create custom designs to ensure you receive the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

Our tanker CIP sets can be utilised throughout the industries that our customers operate within, whether it's being optimised to clean tankers delivering at a milk processing facility, cheese production factory, or a brewery, our systems can be designed to our customer's needs. Whether you require a hot CIP, with multiple tanks and multiple channels or a cold single-channel CIP set we have the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver.

  • Save Time and Resource

    Minimise your cleaning time and reduce the amount of manual labour required.
  • Save Money

    Cut operational expenditure with cost efficent use of detergent and water without compromising cleaning standards.
  • Increase Consistency

    Duplicate the exact solution and method for every cycle.