Cheese Milk Pasteurisation

Duplex PasteuriserWith Pasteurisation and Cheese Equipment being core competencies of Sycamore Process Engineering, the extensive knowledge enables the most efficient and high-quality cheese milk pasteurisation to be delivered to you.

The processing knowledge that is held by our team throughout the sales, design, and project delivery teams enables our systems to be delivered to you at the high standard that we pride ourselves upon and we know you expect.

Sycamore have delivered numerous cheese milk pasteurisers for our customers up to a 66,000l/h duplex Pasteuriser system that is used in the production of cheese for a large multinational cooperation.

Our knowledge allows us not to only focus on the pasteurisation phase of cheese production however we can offer you, Open Curd Tables, Curd Unloaders, Curd Distribution Vessels, Block Breakers, Membrane Filtration, and CIP systems as part of our end-to-end process solutions.


  • Fully CIP-able

    Our pasteurisers are designed to be fully CIP-able ensuring effective cleaning.
  • Automated

    Fully automated systems, recipe driven that can be integrated into existing control system.
  • Improve Efficiencies

    Improve your current efficiencies with the latest technolgies integrated in our systems.
  • Custom Designs

    Our team of process and mechanical designers custome design our pasteurisers to suit all customer requirements.
  • Hygienic

    Our systems are designed to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.
  • Project Support package (PSP)

    Our process equipment is supplied with a PSP with servicing plans, planned maintenance to minmise unscheduled downtime.