Process Solutions

Sycamore can provide complete end-to-end process solutions throughout the dairy, food, and beverage industry.

Complete process solutions are at the core of Sycamore's competencies and will be delivered to the highest standard to reach customer expectations. Our process solutions begin with the specification of equipment and process design through the manufacturing, installation, and commissioning phases to the health checks and maintenance plans to increase the longevity of the processing equipment.Customer Journey

Sycamore has developed an inline blending system to produce any milk in any quantity from three basic ingredients. A supply of whole milk is split into skim and cream in the usual way and some of the skim is concentrated. With those three ingredients any 'milk' that is physically possible to make from the ingredients can be made in the exact quantity by specifying the % fat and % protein required in the finished milk. Furthermore, the exact same milk can be made repeatedly from different ingredients or alternatively a different milk or range of milk can be specified and manufactured. 

Sycamore has more than three decades of experience in hygienic process operations and efficiency. Our innovative standardisation system is designed to meet and exceed the current industry standards and help your business produce the best milk products in the market. 

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    No over-supply, no under-supply and no wastage with the product reclaim option (white water).

    Specify the % fat and % protein required for your perfect milk or add additional ingredients for fortified milks.

    No complicated batching methods or batch tanks required.

    Through reduced waste, increased productivity and continuous monitoring you'll save on high value ingredients.