RNLI Heat Pumps

RNLI Lifeboats

Sycamore Process Engineering’s working relationship with the amazing lifesaving charity that is the RNLI, continues to produce greener and more sustainable heating solutions for their lifeboat stations across the UK and Ireland. Sycamore has shown their versatility and flexibility as a process engineering company by working with the RNLI since 2008, when we trialled their first Water Source Heat Pump. Over the years we have worked in conjunction with other key suppliers involved and manufactured modules for both Water and  Ground Source Heat Pumps. When asked why Sycamore was chosen for the projects, Ben Sautter Principal Estates Engineer commented “Through your reputation of delivering products to a high standard of workmanship, to cost and on time”

I think the list of past projects has a lot to say. It is always a pleasure dealing with your staff and being made to feel at home when visiting for the factory acceptance.
Ben Sautter Priciple Estates Engineer

We have installed sustainable Water and Ground Source Heat Pump modules across multiple locations in the UK including Lizard, southernmost point of Cornwall, across to St Davids in West Wales, Peel on the Isle of Man and over to Lough Ree in Ireland.

Most recently we received an order for three GSHP modules at the end of March 2021 which have now been manufactured and collected by the RNLI. These modules will be installed in Lough Ree, Ramsey and Wells. The Heat Pumps will be installed in the RNLI’s new Lifeboat stations which are currently being constructed.

These GSHP modules have provided a number of stations with background heat when unmanned, which can be boosted when the facility is occupied. Ben added that this “has been found to be the most efficient and economical method of heating”.

Scott Shave, Sales Engineer at Sycamore said “It has been great to work with the RNLI in understanding their requirements and developing a sustainable way of heating the lifeboat stations. Keeping the volunteers that risk their lives to save others warm, dry, and comfortable especially throughout the winter months. The charity will also save money with their energy bills significantly reduced which can be used in other areas across the charity.”

Ben commented, “We have a very good, long-standing relationship, one which I hope we can continue to develop”.

We hope to continue our working relationship with the RNLI supplying them with more heat pump modules in the future, working together towards a more sustainable, greener alternative to heating their lifeboat stations across the UK are Ireland.