Plant Based

With the exponential growth of the plant-based and dairy alternative markets, we are here to support you!

As the industry continues to expand at a rapid rate, our end-to-end process solutions ensure you can serve your customers with the products they love!

Plant based CIPWe can supply you with Import/Export Systems. Pasteurisers, Mixproof Valve Manifolds, Clean In Place Sets and Engineering Peace of Mind, to ensure your processing facility is operating at its' optimal performance.

To ensure your process systems incorporate the latest technologies and meet the highest standards, as Alfa Laval authorised integrators, our in-house design team can work with Alfa Laval to specify the most precise process solution to capture your requirements. 

From Clean in Place Systems, providing an efficient solution to hygienically cleaning your process equipment, whether that is being used for the production of plant-based foods or beverages, our systems can provide you with minimal downtime, ensuring your production time is maximised.Pasteuriser Panel

With our Pasteurisation Systems to ensure they suit your every requirement, we can deliver bespoke designs as we appreciated each customer and project cannot be the same.

To ensure we offer you the best level of support throughout every stage of your project, our Parts and Components department offers a Project Support Package alongside every project, ensuring a comprehensive spare parts package is supplied and a maintenance plan is outlined to minimise any unplanned downtimes.

Contact us now if you'd like more information on how we can support you with your next plant-based/dairy alternative process solution.