The Sycamore and Gpi Partnership. What does it mean for you?

3 September 2020

During what has been a challenging year for many businesses worldwide, the partnership between Gpi Tanks and Sycamore Process Engineering remains strong and orders from a range of industries and of various sizes continue to come in.  

Already this year we’ve worked on projects covering a range of industries including six 30,000L cream storage vessels for a yogurt manufacturer; two 35,000L rapeseed oil tanks for a major butter producer; 32 off vessels for the storage of fish oil; one off jacketed agitated process vessel; tanks for syrup storage for a prebiotic product; and two 25,000L and two 40,000L CIP tanks for one of the nation’s favourite cheese makers and more.Sycamore Gpi drawing

Sycamore Process Engineering and Gpi Tanks

  • Sycamore Process Engineering has the capacity and capabilities at their headquarters in Somerset to design and build steel vessels up to approx. 15,000 litres. The GPI partnership enables and ensures we can support projects requiring larger vessels beyond this size.
  • In addition to dairy, food and beverage sectors which are core markets for Sycamore, the partnership opens opportunities in additional industries including edible oils, chemicals and pharmaceutical.
  • As a partner of Gpi Tanks in the UK and Ireland, customers have engineering peace of mind with Sycamore on board to support design, production, and service of larger orders on the ground.
  • Sycamore can offer a full range of tanks and vessels in addition to our own process engineering, production and service offering.
  • Documentation and certification of the highest level including full material traceability fully compliant with the latest legislations.
  • Full 3D engineering with solid edge and strength calculations.

About Gpi Tanks

Gpi is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel tanks from 1L to 500m3 for companies active in the dairy, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.  Additionally, they can build stainless steel tanks on site up to 7,000m3. 

For more information, please contact Sycamore or Gpi via the links below:Sycamore and Gpi  

Roland Blezurs
Gpi Business Development UK & Ireland

+44 (0)7394 567153

Paul Manning
Project Director at Sycamore