Sycamore signs partnership with Gpi for tank sales in UK

30 May 2018

Sycamore Process Engineering is delighted to have signed an exclusive partnership with Gpi Tanks to act as their agent for tanks in the UK and Ireland. 

As a trusted provider of process equipment for many Gpi customers in the UK food and beverage industry, we can now offer a full range of tanks and vessels in addition to our own engineering, production and service offering.

“As part of Gpi’s growth plan, we were looking for an established partner in the UK with similar ambitions of growth and values of quality and project involvement.  As we already shared many international clients and contacts in the food and beverages industry, a further cooperation between Sycamore and Gpi was the logical next step.”  Fred Boere, CEO Gpi Group

The addition of Gpi’s tank manufacturing capabilities strengthens our already significant product and service offering further and allows for larger scope projects.  With Gpi aiming to further increase its sales in the UK over the next five years, this partnership ensures Gpi a local foothold in the UK market, whilst allowing us to offer our customers a broader range of quality products and services.  

“Very much in line with our philosophy at Sycamore, Gpi strives to work smart.  Striving for efficient, effective solutions, smarter processes and better results."  Paul Manning, Project Director Sycamore Process Engineering

About Gpi Tanks

Gpi is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel shop built tanks from 1L to 500 m3 for companies active in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.  Additionally, they build stainless steel tanks on site up to 7,000 m3.  

For more information, please contact Sycamore or Gpi via the links below:

Enzo Panella, Sales Manager Gpi

Paul Manning, Project Director Sycamore