Pasteurisers Modular and Skid Mounted

Pasteurisation is at the very heart of the liquid food manufacturing process.
Why compromise?  Insist on the best and specify one of our modular or custom built pasteurisers.pasteurisation modules

Key Features 

Typically 500 l/h to 60,000 l/h. 
Integral CIP. (More production time)
Pressure Differential (ensures food safety) 

Scaleable modular design (designed with additional capacity)

milk, cream, dairy products yogurts, fresh cheese, desserts, 
ice cream mix, etc.), fruit juices, sugar syrup, beer, soup manufacturing etc.

pasteurisation modules custom specification

Sycamore pasteurisers are purpose built for the continuous heat treatment of milk, cream, dairy products (yoghurts, fresh cheese, desserts, ice cream mix, etc.), fruit juices, sugar syrup, beer, soups  etc.

These modular systems are fully pre-mounted and wired in order to enable simpler, faster installation and commissioning by Sycamore.

Sycamore can build fully automatic or manually controlled systems please call us to discus your specification.