Design in progress for new honey mix plant

Our in-house design team is growing all the time and allows us to be truly bespoke on every project we work on.  Today they’re busy working on a new mix plant for the UK’s favourite producer of natural honey.

The Project

Due to the nature of the product and space available in the processing facility our designers had to take many factors into account when designing this mix plant.

With just 40mm spare each side of the allocated space, precision is key, so the design has to be ingress led whilst taking viscosity and stickiness of the honey into account also. For example, to stop the product sticking to the inside parts of the valve we’re using a particular type of Alfa Laval ball valve that can handle powder and highly viscous products along with a gate style agitator inside the tank for a smooth mixing process.

One of the many benefits of working with us is that we can incorporate any specific requirements into our designs. For this project a particular locking mechanism was needed on the manway cover for the mix tank, the design team have worked hard to ensure this has been incorporated seamlessly into the overall design.

Once the design is complete it will be handed over to our manufacturing team – stay tuned for more updates as this project progresses!