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    CIP Systems

    For the Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Plant-based Industries
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    CIP Optimisation

    Minimise Energy, Water and Chemical Consumptions
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    Increase Your Production

    Increase uptime and decrease downtime with efficient cleaning

CIP Systems

Whatever your Clean In Place (CIP) requirements, Sycamore can provide a solution. From manual systems to multi-tank, multi-channel, fully automated CIP systems – we can deliver! 

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You know us as the CIP experts, our systems are applicable and can be tailored to suit your requirements across the Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Plant-based industries

Clean in Place systems are an integral part of all processing facilities, many organisations see CIP as just a requirement, and it is often overlooked. However, we see CIP as an equally important part of the processing facility, where there are opportunities to improve our customers’ sustainability and efficiencies of their system. 

Whilst considering a new CIP application design we utilise the availability of performance and simulation data. The benefit this provides is that our systems are optimised to suit your needs, rather than over-engineering and “playing it safe”. 

Further consideration is applied when specifying details such as pump sizing, heat exchanger selection, processing temperatures, and chemical dosing strengths. 

With these considerations, our systems are designed with an aim to increase your production uptime by minimising the downtime required for the CIP turnaround. 

Careful selection of process equipment, efficient use of detergents and water without compromising cleans

Following EHEDG guidelines, customer requirements and the latest CIP codes
of practice

With efficient cleans we can reduce the downtime of your plant, therefore increasing your production uptime

Fully automated systems to ensure the correct temperature, contact times, flow rates and chemical strengths