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    Dale Farm WPC Service and Maintenance
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Dale Farm WPC Export Service and Maintenance

Recently our Parts and Service Team were at Dale Farm’s Dunman site to execute the annual planned maintenance of the Whey Protein Concentrate export system used to export whey used in infant formula that we previously designed, installed, and commissioned. This visit was the second service and maintenance programme that has been delivered to Dale Farm ensuring the system is performing as originally designed.

“Communications prior to site arrival and during servicing were excellent. Impeccable behaviour whilst on-site by all the team. Adhered to site policies regarding sign in, bump hats, hi-vis etc without direction. Even taking the time to touch base post service, regardless of travel commitments is much appreciated.”

Adrian Williamson, Engineering Manager, Dale Farm
John Cooper Dale Farm WPC Service and Maintenance

This service is offered as part of our Project Support Package (PSP) – a bespoke offering that is tailored to suit the requirements of each customer. The main sections of a PSP are a Recommended Spares Package, Training, Maintenance Plans and Health Checks/Optimisation which all result in the plant performing as originally designed, providing Engineering Piece of Mind.

The key benefit of the PSP is to reduce unplanned production downtime, by servicing and maintaining all critical process equipment. Our team completed a full service and inspection, using genuine spare parts throughout, ensuring the system remains hygienic with no cross-contamination or leakage potential ahead of the next planned service.

A full I/O test was also carried out checking the functionality and feedback for all Valve control heads, allowing the team to see if any discrepancies need correcting to confirm the solution is performing as it was designed to.

Understanding what is important to our customers is vital, as this allows a bespoke service enabling our team to deliver the high-level post-project customer care that we strive for.

A full report has now been issued with details of the findings and works completed while the solution is now back in full production.

Dale Farm’s proactive attitude to service and maintenance will allow them to operate efficiently and fully hygienically until we are next onsite providing planned Servicing and Maintenance.

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