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Cream Storage and Mixproof Routing Manifold

Cream Mixproof Routing Manifold

Sycamore Process Engineering have recently delivered a Bulk Cream Storage and Mixproof Routing Manifold for a major dairy co-operative at their processing facility in Devon. This project was a complete end-to-end process solution from mechanical and process design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

The requirement for this project arose from our customer originally only having internal whey cream storage tanks to store and cool in preparation for butter production. These new storage vessels and Mixproof routing manifold provide increased flexibility meaning when the butter production facility is unavailable our customer can efficiently route the cream to the storage tanks for distribution.

Throughout the detailed design phase, it was imperative that the design focused on gentle product handling to maintain product quality without compromising the flexibility and efficiency of the solution. The answer to this was an ‘endless’ Mixproof Product Manifold. The further benefits that this endless Mixproof product routing manifold delivers apart from the increased flexibility is the gentle handling of the product to ensure product integrity is upheld. The ‘endless’ design allows the cream storage silos to be filled both clockwise and anticlockwise with the use of a routing valve to divert the cream to keep the product moving at all times, thus not leaving any stationary product in the process lines.

Cream Storage Tanks

The manufacture of the Mixproof Cream Routing Manifold was completed in-house by our Manufacturing Team with close collaboration with our Process and Mechanical Design Team enabling any enhancements to be captured and integrated into the system.

Onsite installation was led by Project Engineer Salvatore De Magistris under supervision from Project Director Wesley Hosking. Our Project Delivery Team aim to provide the smoothest customer journey to ensure a seamless integration is achieved by utilising our Project Delivery System.

Project Engineer Salvatore De Magistris commented, “The project provided challenges at times; however, we delivered a great end-to-end process solution for the customer allowing them to expand their cream storage and production capabilities. Personally, it was amazing seeing the project from end to end, from conception to going to the Netherlands to see the silos being built, waiting for them to be delivered and positioned on site.”

This project has provided our customer with not only increased storage capabilities but will enable higher levels of versatility whilst ensuring the new equipment selected is the most energy-efficient available. Furthermore, this innovative design ensures product integrity and minimal wastage when selecting different filling sequences.

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