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    What we do

    We provide the most suitable process solution for your needs
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    What we do

    Focus on sustainability to help meet your environmental goals
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    What we do

    Efficient solutions promoting the lowest OPEX

What we do

End-to-end process solutions, Duplex Pasteurisation system

At Sycamore, we are proudly known as the go-to experts in Process Engineering. We can confidently support you with any specific processing requirement within the Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Plant-based Industries, providing Engineering Peace of Mind.  

Our ambition is to provide you with the most suitable process solution for your requirements. We focus on promoting the lowest operational expenditure (OPEX) and most sustainable solution through reducing energy, water, and chemical consumptions, whilst ensuring your product quality is maintained. Delivering successful end-to-end process solutions is at the core of what we do.

Some of the core competencies that we can provide you with include Clean in Place Systems, Pasteurisation, Membrane Filtration and Cheese Processing Equipment. These core competencies would often form part of a larger end-to-end process solution and could include items such as Import/Export, Mixproof Routing Manifolds and Mixing/Blending Systems. 

To ensure you receive the most appropriate solution for your requirements, our expert team focus on asking the right questions to make sure your system is designed to meet your specification. Your journey with us starts at the Technical Sales/Process Design Team, who will work alongside you to fully understand your requirements, before submitting a fully comprehensive proposal. During the next stages, you will be cared for by our flexible and agile Project Delivery department, where our in-house 3D designs are produced, manufacturing is completed, and your project is installed and commissioned by our expert Process Engineering Team.

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Maintenance and Health Check, Process Engineering

Our Parts and Service Team provide your Project Support Package, which not only extends our customer care and the longevity of your system but will also provide you with pre-commissioning parts and support, training, and future maintenance plans. To find out more information on how a Project Support Package can benefit you, click here

As the go-to Experts, we can create custom Process Equipment designed to your specific requirements, as we understand no two projects are ever the same.