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Process Engineering Solutions for customers across the Food Processing Industry

With a demand to provide more food for a growing population, it is vital the Food Processing industry is supported. We take pride in supplying process solutions for producers, which enables them to put food on the table for families across the UK and Ireland.  

Process solutions for Food Processing Industry, Fruit dosing skid

At Sycamore, we have the knowledge and facilities to manufacture liquid food processing solutions such as:

Working efficiently and minimising production downtime is a major consideration in the food processing industry. With this in mind, it’s ensured that we design, build and install high-quality, long-lasting solutions using exceptional engineering skills.

From prepared foods to single ingredients, we work with you to maximise your operational efficiency, product versatility and quality, whilst ensuring uncompromised food safety.

Communication from the beginning of the project right through to completion and analysis was excellent and constant. All questions were answered promptly. Any changes or modifications to meet customer requirements were met with no issues.

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