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    Innovative Dairy Processing Solutions


With dairy processing being at the very heart of what we do, we can deliver the entire milk processing solution for you, from milk intake through to the filling machines. 

Dairy Processing Export System

Our competence enables you to benefit from a solution that promotes the lowest production cost with the highest product quality.   

Our expert knowledge and vast experience in delivering end-to-end process solutions within the Dairy Industry allow you to receive innovative solutions that are custom designed to meet your requirements.  

Not only can we deliver complete liquid milk processing facilities, but we also have expert knowledge and experience throughout the entire Dairy Industry, including cream, butter, and yoghurt production. 

We can provide process solutions to the Dairy Industry including Milk intake, Storage, Distribution, Separation, Standardisation, Homogenisation, Pasteurisation, Membrane Filtration, Clean In Place and Export Systems.

Informed by our rich experience, we prioritise your needs. Our designs not only incorporate accessibility for maintenance and servicing but also adhere to hygienic standards, safeguarding the integrity of your product quality.

Sour dips, Yeo Valley, Dairy Industry

Having Sycamore as one of our major partners has been key to delivering this project to a high standard within a tight timescale. They have worked with us collaboratively to deliver an exceptional processing facility that will produce high quality products for years to come. Sycamore have been instrumental in not only the design, manufacture and installation of the new process plant, but also to provide advice and experience within their field and I look forward to working with them again on further projects.