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    23 March 2021

Sycamore Process Engineering report record year for Clean in Place (CIP) solutions

End-to-end process solutions Company, Sycamore Process Engineering, completed five orders for Clean in Place (CIP) solutions in 2020, significantly more than in the previous year. The orders ranged from approximately quarter of a million-pound containerised single-channel CIP systems to multi-channel multi-million-pound solutions designed to increase hygiene and productivity, help achieve sustainability goals and reduce downtime.

The orders, which have come from some of the biggest dairy, food and beverage manufacturers in the UK, have meant knowledge and skills surrounding CIP systems have been refined and advanced by the team at Sycamore.  Paul Manning, Project Director at Sycamore said: “When you think about Clean in Place solutions, many companies claim benefits like cleaning consistency, saving money, and improving plant hygiene; but these elements are actually just what a CIP does as standard. We challenged our design team to model elements which bring additional benefits to our customers which is what makes our systems stand out.  

“All our CIP systems are bespoke and designed to fit the most challenging footprints and achieve the highest processing goals, such as reducing downtime, increasing production, improving efficiency, or creating a solution to better utilise site footprint. We’re proud of what we achieved last year and are thrilled to continue to be chosen for more projects involving CIP into 2021.” Paul continued.

Sycamore Process Engineering are the experts in CIP and have designed and installed them large or small for a range of industries and companies of various sizes. From single tank, single channel to multi-tank, multi-channel solutions, they are all fully automated and designed using the UK’s strictest hygiene standards and CIP codes of practice.

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