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    25 July 2022

Alfa Laval Partner Days 2022

As authorised Alfa Laval integrators, Sycamore Process Engineering were recently invited to attend their Partner Days event.  Jerry Redman and Paul Manning had the pleasure of visiting the Alfa Laval facilities in Kolding, Denmark for two days in July that were inspiring, full of networking opportunities and lively discussion around how, as channel partners, our relationships can contribute to the sustainable development of our industry and the planet.

As integrators, we are able to work even closer with the Alfa Laval team and their products, bringing many benefits to us and our customers.  We attend to further promote our business and partnership together, learning more about the future and following the ethos of ‘Creating Tomorrow Together’.

The event facilitated networking opportunities with Alfa Laval team members, other strategic suppliers and our competitors.  Keynote speakers covered a variety of subjects, all with a strong focus on sustainability.  An array of product exhibitions and various breakout sessions were delivered across the two-day event, where we were able to discuss a multitude of topics from digitalisation and sustainability to the latest product innovations.

Alfa Laval’s hospitality proved impressive, as did further sessions that informed us on how we can work with Alfa Laval to optimise our marketing efforts with the use of their branding material, images and models from their media bank.  How we can incorporate Alfa Laval’s Webshop into our online presence to further improve our customer care.

Within the main presentation on the first day, were Alfa Laval’s four pillars for sustainability, and it was reassuring to find that our current growth model already aligns with those four pillars.  It is these that will help us continue along the path we are on, supporting us as trusted providers and not only reinforcing Sycamore’s status as experts in process engineering but, placing significant focus on the future and assisting with environmental and sustainability plans already in place to become net zero.

Of the many benefits that we took from the event, it was the inspiration and passion shown by the Alfa Laval team on how to strengthen the partnership that resonated with us, but also how we can help to protect our customers and the environment.

We firmly believe that the event will help to positively shape the future of Sycamore and our relationships with partners such as Alfa Laval, along with all of our valued customers.