• Jerry Redman and Jeppe Madsen

    New Collaborative Partner

    Lyras A/S

Sycamore Process Engineering Announce New Collaborative Partner Lyras A/S

Jeppe Dam Madsen, Sales Manager, Lyras said: “In recent years, our focus has been on ensuring we are able to rapidly expand so we can provide the best possible products and service to our customers.

“Our latest step in this journey has been the UK, and formalising our first partnership in this market is a significant milestone. We know the UK has some of the best manufacturing organisations in the world and it was clear from the very start of this process that Sycamore was the best partner for us. The expertise of the leadership team, along with its history and vast experience made the decision to partner with them an easy one.”

Paul Manning, Business Development and Commercial Director, Sycamore said: “Like Sycamore, Lyras is a fast paced and innovative organisation and has had an impressive growth period in resources, capabilities and client base. When looking for a partner it is pivotal that we share the same philosophy and vision of where we believe the industry is heading, which is why Lyras was the ideal choice. We’re excited to be partnering with Lyras and look forward to joining them on their journey.”

Jeppe Dam Madsen at Lyras concluded: “I’m very pleased that we have been able to announce this partnership and am delighted that Jerry Redman and Paul Manning at Sycamore, along with the rest of the team are helping us craft our vision.”