Open Curd Tables

Sycamore Process Engineering has designed, manufactured and installed numerous Open Curd Tables (OCT) for market leading cheese makers across the UK and Europe.

The tables are designed to offer you effective curd conditioning, whey drainage, curd salting and mellowing steps for milled cheddar and stirred curd type cheeses.

Sycamore Curd Table OCT

The curd and whey mixture is pumped or delivered by gravity onto the Sycamore Process Engineering OCT. Whey is drained through the centre drain channel and curd dam.

The curd can be matted and cut in the traditional method and continuously stirred before salting. Depending on the curd type, milled or stirred curd tools can be attached to an overhead traverse. The traverse moves backwards and forwards above the OCT between pre-set positions. After proper curd conditioning, salting and mellowing time, the curd is removed through the end door using the curd plough.

Prior to cleaning, the drainage screens in the centre drain channel are removed.

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  • 4mm stainless steel is used for crucial strength, durability and quality of the vat bed
  • Punched slot drainage screens remove whey quickly and efficiently
  • Water jacket included as standard to ensure curds can be maintained at the correct temperature
  • Removable drainage screens allow for easy cleaning and inspection
  • Minimal movement of the table during processing is essential so the reinforced supporting frame ensures smoother processing
  • Stainless steel overhead carriage design ensures that all parts above the product area are fully contained and hygienic
  • Overhead carriage is controlled by a PLC, enabling recipe driven applications
  • HMI touch screen panel mounted on a rotary coupling, allows for easy operator access from each side of the table
  • Made in Britain to the highest quality manufacturing standards