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    CIP Relocation Project

CIP Relocation Project

Sycamore Process Engineering has recently completed a project for a multinational dairy cooperative at their site in Scotland. This project has been carried out over the last four months after we received a purchase order at the beginning of March 2021. The project was completed after a successful commissioning period in the middle of June 2021. This project was slightly different from our usual projects as this included a refurbishment of existing equipment, rather than designing and installing a new end-to-end process solution.

Our customers had highlighted the requirement for a Clean-In-Place (CIP) set to clean Cheese Vats. They chose to refurbish and relocate an existing CIP set from another site of theirs; this sustainable approach mirrors our customers wider goals and Sycamore’s own efforts to be more sustainable throughout all business operations. This project involved a new control system, wiring, new distribution pipework, new routing valves, automation, and commissioning of the CIP set. 

After our customer had identified the need to upgrade their CIP set, this was upgraded to Sycamore standards that meet the expectations of the customer. Sycamore were able to show their ability to work within our customer’s budget to reach their needs and expectations for this project with the use of existing equipment.

The capability to refurbish and reuse existing equipment by replacing only the unreliable aspects has allowed for a more sustainable approach to installing this CIP set. New distribution pipework and routing valves were included in this project to ensure that the CIP set was efficient and fulfilled all the requirements outlined by the cooperative.

The project was completed in June 2021 after a successful installation, automation, and commissioning period. Sycamore are proud to have been able to complete this project for our customer and hopes to work with them in the future on several more projects on their multitude of sites across the UK.