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    New syrup bulk storage, tanker loading system and CIP

New syrup bulk storage, tanker loading system and containerised CIP set installed at Saputo Davidstow

Sycamore Process Engineering is pleased to have designed, manufactured, and commissioned new GOS syrup bulk storage, a tanker loading system and fully automatic, containerised CIP set for the UK cheese giant, Saputo.

The projects, which took place at the Saputo creamery in Davidstow, included the Design, installation, and commissioning of a transfer line from the existing GOS Syrup production facility to a new 25,000L Bulk GOS Syrup Tank along with a fully automatic CIP System housed in a shipping container, for the cleaning of bulk GOS export road tankers.

About CIP

The approach was to design a CIP system that could be built quickly and efficiently off site, that could then be installed right next to the GOS tanker station to maximise tanker unload opportunities. Locating the new equipment in such proximity to the tanker bay means energy and chemical consumption is reduced dramatically by maintaining minimal distances of pipework routes to and from the new CIP set.

The container which measures 20ft by eight foot, is fitted out with easy clean white interior cladding and extra hygienic grip flooring; single channel 3,000 litre insulated rinse tank and 1,500 litre caustic tank. The CIP solutions are heated via hot water circuit fed by a 48kW electric boiler. A 2-port Flow Plate externally mounted in the GOS Tanker Bay can be used to route CIP solutions to and from the road tankers with ease.

About GOS

The new Hygienic 25,000L GOS Syrup tank is insulated, clad and trace heated for accurate temperature-control storage between 30-40OC. It will be used for the prebiotic product, Promovita which is used in infant formula. GOS helps to maintain gut health throughout our lifecycle and can also provide significant health benefits in animals.

The 25,000 litre Bulk Storage Tank will be used for the transfer of 27,000kg GOS syrup from the existing 15,000 litre Syrup Tanks. The existing mix-proof valve manifold used for filling GOS Syrup has been extended by Sycamore to allow for the transfer of the product into the new Tank.

Both projects, which are on the back end of the cheese production process, have given Sycamore some exciting learnings into product sustainability and on how previously called bi products can be used to make such important ingredients for further consumption.