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    Working With Hall & Woodhouse

Working With Hall & Woodhouse

Hall and Woodhouse (H&W) are a local brewery with a history dating back to when they were founded in 1777, with a rich history of brewing and supplying their much-loved beers throughout the south of England. Recently we delivered our latest project for H&W, over the years we have always seen it as important to support a local business in the aims to expand and continue to provide their customers with their favourite tipples. 

The Sycamore team on the ground always work well with our engineering team which helped make the project a success.

Toby HeasmanHead Brewer

This most recent project involved the extension of their Clean In Place (CIP) system that we previously delivered for them as being regarded as the go-to CIP experts. The CIP system was extended to add additional cleans to cater for the installation of a new kegger line that was being installed as part of H&W’s ambitions to expand their productions. We were able to support H&W throughout the project ensuring seamless integration with their existing plant, and that the project was completed on time and within budget. 

Our chosen Project Engineer, Salvatore added “When I started working for Sycamore in July 2021, I expected to hit the ground running, what I was not expecting is to hit the ground sprinting. 

However, as I started my first project it became clear this was the case, a challenging, yet extremely rewarding six months; with the support of the H&W engineering team we managed to deliver an upgrade to the brewery kegging capacity and efficiencies. 

Working with H&W’s preferred partners, Lambrecht’s and Centec for the new kegging system also enabled them to improve their manual handling methods and reduce any health and safety risks associated with the original process. 

Working with such a cooperative team made all the difference when overcoming obstacles during the project, communication was crucial to us achieving the required timescale whilst minimising production downtime.   

I hope in the future I will continue to add value to the engineering projects, nurture existing whilst also creating new relationships with clients and suppliers to deliver high-quality installations.”

We look forward to supporting H&W with their upcoming projects and will continue to ensure we further build the partnership and relationship we have developed over the years.