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To provide the great level of customer care that our customers deserve we have developed a dedicated Parts and Service Team. 

This team is responsible for providing first-class customer care through our Project Support Package post-project delivery, as well as offering spare parts and components across the Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Plant-Based industries.   

For customers that we have supplied an end-to-end solution, the goal of our Parts and Service Team will be to ensure the plant continues to perform at optimal level for the longevity of its lifetime.  

Project Support Package: 

Our Project Support Package is a bespoke offering that is tailored to suit each individual requirement, the main sections of this are:  

The benefits that you can receive are: 

To learn more about how our Project Support Package could benefit you, please contact John Cooper – Parts and Service Manager or read our brochure here. 

Parts and Components Section:  

Spare parts and components can be vital to keeping your equipment running; having parts on the shelf available in case of failure is key to avoiding lengthy production downtime. With unknown and extended lead times from many suppliers, there has been a significant shift from a ‘just in time’ approach to a ‘just in case’ attitude; this needs to be considered now more than ever. 

We can provide spare parts from your preferred suppliers, while being flexible to offer alternative options from other equipment manufacturers, giving you every option possible. 

The main benefit of purchasing spare parts from Sycamore Process Engineering experts is that we can use our knowledge to provide technical support to consider the application rather than just providing a like-for-like off-the-shelf replacement. 

For more information on how we can support your processing facility please contact Dan Kingston, Sales Engineer – Parts and Service.