Emil Pabis
Mechanical Design Engineer

I am a Mechanical Design Engineer and joined the team in February of 2022 working on various projects involving the design, development, and optimization of mechanical systems and components. This includes creating 3D models, performing calculations, and collaborating with other engineers to ensure the efficient functioning of our products. I joined the team at Sycamore two years ago and have since been actively involved in contributing to the company’s overall goals and projects.

As a design engineer, my main responsibilities include working with a team of engineers, exchanging feedback, brainstorming ideas, and contributing to project objectives. I prioritize effective communication and collaboration to overcome design challenges and ensure precise and functional designs. In addition, I conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA), gather data, and stay updated with the latest technology and industry standards to develop innovative and efficient design solutions.

I have recently completed a BEng in Engineering with first-class honours and now have my sights set on becoming a Chartered Engineer within the next five years. My goal is to enhance my career at Sycamore by expanding my knowledge and skillset, allowing me to take on more challenging projects and responsibilities. To achieve this, I am committed to continuous learning and skill development.

As a Mechanical Design Engineer at Sycamore, my day is filled with diverse tasks. I plan my day, staying updated on industry trends and studying client requirements. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop innovative product concepts, creating detailed 3D models using CAD software that adhere to standards and regulations. Design review meetings help us analyse strengths and weaknesses, while thorough documentation ensures comprehensive records. Continuous professional development activities keep me updated with emerging technologies. This role demands creativity, technical expertise, and strong communication skills, contributing to cutting-edge product development at Sycamore.

As a design engineer, the best part about working at Sycamore is the creative and collaborative environment. At Sycamore, I have the opportunity to work alongside a diverse team of talented individuals who share a passion for innovation and problem-solving. The company encourages open communication and values input from all team members, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Additionally, Sycamore provides ample resources and support to explore new ideas, allowing me to bring my unique vision to life in the projects I work on. This stimulating work environment combined with the exciting challenges I face as a design engineer makes Sycamore an ideal place to thrive and unleash my creativity.

My hobbies include reading, watching science-fiction movies, and cooking. One interesting fact about me is that I can speak two languages fluently. Another interesting fact is that I have lived in four different countries, allowing me to experience diverse cultures firsthand.