Frank Sayer
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

I joined in 2015, lead the Mechanical Designers, am responsible for the mechanical design output, maintain and enforce the mechanical design standards and check a lot of drawings! I am currently between trainings, but recently, I have successfully completed a Level 3 leadership course with UWE, undergone design review training with the IMechE, and received risk assessment training with HSE
The best part of working at Sycamore is the sense of accomplishment I derive from observing the design team I played a pivotal role in assembling, along with the camaraderie and friendships that have developed within the team while working together to achieve our goals. Outside of work I engage in numerous small-scale nerd building projects. Some of these include constructing a very dangerous 48V Ebike, assembling a quadcopter capable of reaching speeds up to 125mph, enhancing my son’s 12V electric ride-on vehicle into an 18V powerhouse, building a modest mid range gaming PC. Something intriguing, I can 540° the spine ramp.