James Legg
Purchasing Assistant

I joined as a Purchasing Assistant in October 2022. My main responsibilities include placing and maintaining purchase orders with UK and European suppliers as requested within budget, keep track of order progress, and ensure orders are received on time. This also requires updating and liaising with site engineers for orders sent direct to site, and project managers for milestone orders to confirm delivery received for booking in. I also measure and evaluate supplier performance on each project, and ensure procedures are followed for approving any new suppliers. I assist Finance with Invoice Queries and check that meal allowance receipts are provided by all site engineers. Monitoring of sustainability in the supply chain to minimise delivery frequency and group orders together to reduce carbon footprint and qty of packaging is ongoing and achieved by working closely with our main suppliers. This includes sourcing locally where possible.

I am not currently studying for a qualification, but I’ve completed Cyber security training, Environmental Awareness, Manual Handling, Office Safety/DSE E-learning and an Import Procedure webinar course. I’m also beginning to help with the company vehicle planner and hotel bookings. I am looking into further training courses in CIPS/procurement, especially half/one day courses.

A typical day for me looks like logging in to Sage 200, checking emails/Microsoft Teams for purchase requests or order queries. Placing orders to suppliers via email quotes / supplier Portals. Run outstanding order report and contact suppliers for order updates. Update component schedules for items placed on order. Maintain project folders with copies of purchase orders, Quotes, & Acknowledgments. Check any invoices that need approval / price matching. Regular chats with Project Team and Goods-In Team with any purchasing/invoice related queries that I have.

The best part about working at Sycamore is the performance reviews and how Sycamore encourages additional training and development within my role. This includes first aid training and credit check training. There is a great culture here at Sycamore, and the amount of interaction required with colleagues and suppliers is rewarding. Outside of work I enjoy running, cycling, reading, growing sunflowers, watching sports especially Formula 1 and playing bass guitar in a local cover band.