John Aruwajoye
Process Design Engineer

I am a Process Design engineer. I joined the company in January 2024. My responsibilities include developing designs, sizing components and helping develop templates that will enhance the design process. I am currently looking forwards to doing my master’s degree, while from time to time I sign up for online training courses.
A typical day for me at Sycamore would be having to review P&IDs, compiling of part specifications, having meetings with clients, having meetings with my team members and liaising with various vendors.
The best part about working at Sycamore is that I get to follow up on the manufacturing process of every design I develop, and this brings out points for improvement or correction to my design philosophy.
For hobbies I play the bass guitar and keyboard but I’m way better on the bass guitar. I’m not so good at sports (I’ve tried several times; it didn’t work out). I play video games but that just happens on rare occasions.