John Cooper
Parts and Service Manager

I am the Parts and Service Manager and have been at Sycamore since 2017. My main responsibilities are customer liaison regarding optimisation and maintenance of Sycamore project installations. I also get involved with commissioning and customer training tasks along with project commissioning. I enjoy investigating green technologies and energy recovery systems and adopting these were I can in both work and home environments. My day to day roles include maintenance/optimising specifications, developing Project Support Packages, and training both internally and externally passing on my knowledge of the dairy, food and beverage industries to others as well as going out and seeing customers.

The best part of working at Sycamore is the team camaraderie and the variety of work that Sycamore carries out.

My hobbies include landscape, cityscape and timelapse digital photography, cycling, walking and swimming. I follow the F1 calendar and try to attend motor events like Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed. I also, enjoy camping and investigating green technology advances. I’m currently on the lookout for a working cocker spaniel to join our family.