Paul Manning
Business Development and Commercial Director

My current role is Business Development and Commercial Director and started my journey as a Welder Fabricator/Pipefitter. My main responsibilities are to oversee the strategy and implementation of the Technical Sales, Process and Mechanical Design and Marketing Teams whilst working with strategic partners ensuring we offer our customers the latest innovations and energy efficient process solutions.

The best part of working at Sycamore is the customers and the team, I love working with our customers and have an open and honest dialogue with all of them which is a reflection of our values. I also thrive on working within a team as without them I would not be able to perform my duties as a Director. Outside of my working life, I love many sports and actively swim weekly, mountain biking is a passion which includes the odd downhill mountain biking trip and love to watch many sports including football and F1, whilst having the occasional beer. I also spend a lot of time at the coast on or in the water with my family.