Salvatore De Magistris
Project Engineer

I joined Sycamore in July 2021; I am a Project engineer. I oversee the site installation and commissioning of the plant and equipment we manufacture for the clients. No two days are the same! Some days I may be in the office working on an Excel spreadsheet, some other days I may be on top of a scaffold in a Pasteuriser room swapping a failed component!

I am currently studying towards an engineering degree through the Open University. I am roughly ½ way through the course.

The best parts about working at Sycamore are the projects are super interesting, sometimes there is cheese and ice cream involved (unfortunately I have not been involved with Ice cream yet!) and everyone is extremely helpful and supportive.

I enjoy playing video games in my free time, recently started the new Resident Evil, I like using my 3D printer to print gadgets that I will never have a use for and cooking Italian food.