Samuel Larkins
Apprentice CAD Engineer

I joined Sycamore in September 2023 as a Design Engineer Apprentice, whilst at Sycamore I also attend Yeovil College. This gives me knowledge on how some of the equipment works in a more practical sense which I do not necessarily see at work, expanding my knowledge to make me a better Sycamore designer.

As I am at college a few days a week, when I am at work, I mostly assist people with jobs and create and edit things that are used regularly to save time with larger designs.

The best part about Sycamore is the team feel within the whole company, this creates a good friendly working, and importantly for me, learning atmosphere.

Outside of work my pastimes are working on bikes, making things and riding bikes. I ride mountain bikes; trick jumping and downhill racing. I have learnt tricks like Suicide no handers, barspins, 360spin and I have attempted backflips – yet to ride those out. Anything outdoors and hands on I enjoy, leading me to most practical based hobbies, fun fact I have broken lots of bones doing this, 6, I think.