Stuart Winter
Environmental Health and Safety Officer

I am the Environmental Health and Safety Officer for Sycamore, I started in January 2023. My main responsibility is to ensure we have the correct training and systems in place to ensure that everyone is safe during their working day and that the company does not have an undue effect on the local environment. I look after the Environmental and Health Safety systems to the ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards.

Since joining Sycamore I have taken courses in CDM and site management as most of my previous experience in Safety and environment previously has been in manufacturing. No two days are the same, there are various checks and assessments which need to be made, there may be some training updates required for various members of staff, internal audits to be carried out, contractors to be inducted. On a more routine level, there is always admin to keep up to date.

There is a great team spirit within Sycamore and it is great to see new apprentices starting with the business and building confidence as they learn and develop.

I have been a volunteer with St John Ambulance for over 40 years now, covering lots of events both locally and Nationally. In 2009 I won the National Ambulance Challenge competition, which was great fun (afterwards). I’m also a member of a local astronomical society which I joined shortly before observing Halleys Comet on its last return in 1986. I’m hoping for good weather in 2061 so I can see it again (although I will be well into my 90s by then!!)