Sunil Mishra
Senior Project Engineer

I am a Senior Project Engineer. I joined Sycamore on 31 July, 2023. I am responsible for implementing the agreed scope of work at customer sites. After the sales handover to the Project Team, I mainly lead the engineering aspects of project delivery. Site visits to get inputs, customer communication and accommodate any changing requirements, alignment with internal and external stakeholders for project execution.I develop the schematic P&ID of the plant, work on the naming of the components like valves, pumps, and instruments. I ensure that component purchase order is placed with the supplier with the correct specification. Delivery of material at the customer site, mechanical installation and commissioning are performed as per the intended scope of supply.

The best part about working at Sycamore is the teamwork and support we get across the team. There is a culture of respect and trust. Keeping customer satisfaction and work quality at the forefront is another positive working at Sycamore. Outside of work I like reading books and travelling to new places.