Tayla Green
HR Officer

In November 2021, I became a part of the Sycamore team, taking on the role of HR Assistant within the Management System team, Tayla has now been promoted to our HR Officer. At Sycamore, my primary responsibility is to assist the Management Systems Manager in providing comprehensive support for employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle. The employee life cycle involves six distinct stages: attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation.

I have recently completed my Level 3 CIPD HR Support Apprenticeship, achieving a diploma with distinction. While there are future plans for me to progress on to a Level 5 CIPD People Management course, for now, I am enjoying the break from writing assignments.

One of the best parts of being a part of the Sycamore team is the family-like atmosphere. Since we’re a smaller business, we all know each other well, which fosters strong teamwork. Even though we’re all busy, we always make sure to embrace our core company value: ‘Smile, laugh and joke every day.’ It’s definitely a highlight of working at Sycamore, as it reminds us to find humour and positivity even during our busiest times.

During my free time, I enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym and for regular runs. An interesting fact about me is my genuine love for early mornings, and by early, I mean around 5 am. I feel like there’s a special satisfaction in being awake while the majority of the world is still asleep.