Our team

Job Title
CAD Engineer

Who are you and what do you do at Sycamore Process Engineering?

I am Marco and I work as a CAD Engineer. I am part of the design team specialising in delivering custom tailored process engineering solutions for Sycamore.

What are you excited to achieve with Sycamore?

I am excited about developing my knowledge in process engineering whilst completing my degree.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Aside from coding and the occasional video game, I am interested in VR and its applications in engineering.

What is your favourite meal to eat?

Although I do not particularly have a favourite meal, I love Italian food.

What is a fun fact about you that not many people know?

I am halfway through completing my LAPL.

Where is your favourite place you have ever travelled to?

Marseille, France.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

South Park.

What is your favourite animal?

If I were to choose, I would say a dog!

What is your favourite sports team?

Red bull Air Force.