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    1 July 2020

#TeamSycamore on site at UK’s largest Cheddar cheese manufacturer

This week the team are headed south to establish the site for a new Clean in Place System (CIP) they are installing for one of the UK’s largest producers of Cheddar cheese.

Wesley Hosking, Project Engineering Manager at Sycamore Process Engineering said: “We’re thrilled to be moving this project along according to the schedule and are keen to get the site established so we can get started with the installation.  This project is exciting and challenging all at the same time. We have quite a small shutdown window for the final changeover, which means we will do much of the manufacturing away from site and need to remain as organised and agile as possible. It’s great to see the design coming to life in our workshop, it’s one of the biggest CIP sets we’ve designed and built, and we can’t wait to get started on site.”

Sycamore have been tasked to design, build, and install a CIP system which will significantly reduce the current CIP window for the cheese giant. The new procedure will cut the cleaning window by approximately a third, allowing longer production of the award-winning cheese. It will also allow more items to be cleaned simultaneously so production and CIP cycles can be achieved in under 24 hours.CIP set

The P&IDs were completed in early March 2020, so our design team quickly adjusted to working from home to get the first mechanical designs done and into the workshop for manufacturing. The space for the new CIP set is quite compact so our designers have had to carefully consider the layout, keeping it efficient, without compromising maintenance access and serviceability of the equipment.

Once site establishment is complete, the team will define the Construction Design Management (CDM) areas and get prepared for the new equipment to be delivered. This equipment includes various stainless steel vessels, a CIP feed and return manifold, a heat exchanger system as well as a CE 1090 approved platform and stairs for access. Keep an eye on the Sycamore website for further updates.