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    19 October 2020

Sycamore Celebrates 33rd Birthday

On the 15th October 2020 Sycamore Process Engineering turned 33 years old. The business name ‘Sycamore’ was born as a result of a typing error. The brand was meant to be called ‘Sycomore’ referring to the ‘Sycomore Fig Tree’ from the middle east and meaning peace and prosperity. 33 years later the meaning and its flection in our company mission has not changed.

“From the humblest of beginnings in a 12m² office space in Shaftesbury in 1987, Sycamore now operates from a 1200m² purpose-built office and workshop complex in Sparkford with plans to expand further. The business celebrates its 33rd birthday on 15th October and almost everything and everybody has changed in that time, our name changed even before we started! Originally meant to be ‘Sycomore’, the printers of the very first letterheads corrected what they thought was a typo and ‘Sycamore’ was born without further ado! However, one thing that has remained constant over the years is the adherence to the meaning behind the original name, the Sycomore fig tree from the Middle East, a sign of peace and prosperity”. Tim Sharp, MD Sycamore Process Engineering

Happy Birthday Sycamore Process Engineering!

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