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    9 June 2021

Duplex Pasteuriser Update

In December 2020, Sycamore Process Engineering secured a project to design, manufacture and install a new Duplex Pasteurisation System for a major cheese maker in Britain.  We are pleased to report that the project is progressing well and is due for completion in the very near future.

The system designs were completed by our process engineers and approved by both Sycamore Process Engineering and our customer, leading straight into manufacturing at our facility in Sparkford.  After passing through the build stage of the project and following successful factory acceptance tests, the equipment was shipped to our dedicated team of on-site engineers to start the installation process.   

Pasteurisation equipment is one of our core competencies here at Sycamore Process Engineering.  Our pasteurisation systems are custom-built, hygienic and fully automated, and can be designed to process a variety of food types, such as milk, cream, whey, beer and juice for example. 

The design of these particular pasteurisers has embraced the sustainability goals and values of our customer, which we have adopted to ensure we meet all requirements, offering them a complete engineering peace of mind solution.  One standout feature incorporated by our design team allows the new pasteurisers to run off hot water only (when available), which is generated from recovered energy, by a CHP plant situated on the customer’s site. Enabling work on site has been completed to pave the way for the new system which includes various new mix proof manifolds, and modifications to the current milk intake/silo bays to accommodate the higher flow rate the new pasteurisers will need to achieve. 

We are looking forward to completing the installation and commissioning of this new ‘end to end’ process solution for our customer.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next update, where we will be sharing the finished article with you.

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