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    3 June 2021

Sycamore Process Engineering Values

The values of Sycamore Process Engineering have long been embedded in all we do and are practiced daily. It is important that they are not just words thought up by the board or marketing department but authentic to what is happening on the ground. We have grown in recent years so to ensure that our values are as relevant today, as they were when Sycamore started all those years ago, we carried out a full employee survey to get an idea of how we were doing.

We’re pleased to report we weren’t far off, we don’t profess to be the best, we are on a journey and learning is an important part of who we are both in the work we do and in the development of our employees. Passion and having fun were the red threads throughout the results as well as our resilience and ability to see the positives in all we do.

We made some adjustments based on the survey results and are pleased to share a set of company values which we think encompass who we are at Sycamore Process Engineering.