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    23 January 2023

Sycamore Process Engineering Selected to Deliver a State-of-the-Art Welsh Milk Processing Facility

Sycamore Process Engineering has recently been awarded a contract to design, manufacture and install a new state-of-the-art, end-to-end, liquid milk processing plant for Pembrokeshire Creamery Ltd.

Pembrokeshire Creamery had the desire to produce and bottle Welsh milk in Wales. The new West Wales business is currently in the process of developing this 3,000m² greenfield liquid milk bottling facility.

Speaking with Huw Thomas, Pembrokeshire Creamery shareholder, “The idea for Pembrokeshire Creamery was in response to the somewhat strange current situation that Welsh milk is travelling over the border to England for bottling, then back to Welsh supermarkets.

“So, our solution is to build the first BRC Accredited processing facility which will be able to offer truly Welsh milk – produced and bottled here in Wales. We’ll be bottling a million litres a week in phase one, with plenty of room to grow on this site if there’s demand for us to increase capacity.

“With issues around supply chains and sustainability front of mind, this is a facility which can future proof our industry – it takes tankers off the roads by bottling Welsh milk in Wales, enables more sustainable processing via a new state-of-the-art plant and builds greater resilience into supermarket milk supply.”

Sycamore Process Engineering’s Project Director Paul Manning was a key member of the project steering group, working as part of the bid team to enable an accurate tender proposal. With over 20 years of experience in delivering process engineering solutions in the Dairy, Food and Beverage industries, Paul’s expertise combined with that of the overall bid team, allowed this detailed proposal to be submitted.

Paul added “As a previously unknown entity to Pembrokeshire Creamery, the Sycamore team were quick to make their mark, the resilience and effort delivered within a short time frame firmly put us at the forefront of Pembrokeshire Creamery’s minds.

Throughout the tender process, the Sycamore team engaged with Pembrokeshire Creamery and were successful in demonstrating our technical ability, our process solution will provide Pembrokeshire Creamery with the lowest OPEX whilst ensuring the highest product quality.

Our vision is to provide the best customer experience by showcasing our agility, flexibility and desire to provide ‘Engineering Peace of Mind’.”

Throughout the tender process, Sycamore Process Engineering worked closely with Martyn Mulcahy, Non-Executive Director and Board member of Pembrokeshire Creamery. Martyn was formerly a Director and Board Member at Robert Wiseman Dairies and former Group Operations Director at Muller UK and Ireland.

Martyn Mulcahy commented, “Throughout the tender process, Sycamore were highly responsive while refining the detailed specifications of the proposed works ensuring Pembrokeshire Creamery would be provided with the most suitable processing solution.

The high level of responsiveness led to a comprehensive tender proposal, incorporating unique features and attention to future operating costs ensuring a high level of flexibility to accommodate Pembrokeshire Creamery’s future growth ambitions.

Significant resources were demonstrated with a high degree of competence in design and manufacture which reassured Pembrokeshire Creamery that they would receive the best process solution manufactured and installed with exceptional quality.”

The detailed design stage has commenced with the experts at Sycamore Process Engineering, focusing on delivering the best process solution for Pembrokeshire Creamery Ltd.