• Crediton Dairy Milk Pasteuriser

    Crediton Dairy Ltd

    New Pasteurisation Facility Nears Design Completion

New Milk Pasteuriser for Leading Independent Dairy Drinks Producer

Crediton Dairy Ltd, a prominent player in the dairy industry, is set to revolutionise its processing capabilities with a significant investment in a cutting-edge pasteurisation facility.  Our dedicated Design Team behind this project have unveiled a sneak peek of the milk pasteuriser which will form an integral part of this project.

In addition to the Milk Pasteuriser, the end-to-end process solution will also include a Cream Pasteuriser. The pasteurisation upgrade is a key component of the broader capital investment programme, focusing on carbon reduction, employee welfare enhancements, and the development of modern office facilities.

Once commissioned, the Milk Pasteuriser is poised to provide Crediton Dairy Ltd with an efficient and agile solution, catering to the production needs of the No.2 iced coffee brand, Artic Coffee, available in British supermarkets. This technological advancement will also support the production of Pro Mlk, one of the fastest-growing ready-to-drink protein shakes, along with a diverse selection of fresh and flavoured milk products.

Milk Pasteuriser Render

The collaborative efforts between the Design Team and Crediton Dairy have been instrumental in ensuring the mechanical design phase aligns seamlessly with the dairy’s requirements. The strategic layout of the pasteuriser has been meticulously planned to facilitate a smooth installation process and easy access for future maintenance.

As the Milk Pasteuriser design approaches completion, the project is set to transition to the manufacturing phase, scheduled to commence in the coming weeks. This milestone underscores Crediton Dairy’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the dairy industry, meeting consumer demands, and contributing to sustainable practices.