• Nano-filtration system

    Whey Desalination Plant enters Manufacture

Whey Desalination Project Continues for Multinational Dairy Co-operative

Salt whey desalination plant

In an exciting kick-off to the new year, we are proud to announce significant progress in the manufacturing phase of one of our latest projects. This initiative involves the production of a Salt Whey Desalination plant, tailored for a valued multinational dairy-cooperative customer based in Devon.

The innovative solution is poised to improve the processing of Salt Whey, enabling our customer to efficiently reduce salt content in their production stream. By incorporating a Nano Filtration Membrane System, developed in collaboration with our Membrane Filtration partner Wafilin Systems, the project aims to enhance the overall efficiency of the customer’s production process.

Key features of the end-to-end solution include a sophisticated separation process, incorporating auto switch over duplex filters pre-separation and pre-membrane filtration. These filters are in place to remove any fines from the whey stream reducing the frequency of the desludging of the separator and ensuring no fines are pumped into the membrane plant ensuring the most efficient treatment is achieved.

Nano-filtration membrane system

This end-to-end solution ensures that the desalinated Whey can be seamlessly blended back into the production stream for pasteurisation. Additionally, this process allows for the recovery of Cream from the Whey stream, which will be reintroduced into Cream processing.

The manufacturing phase is currently underway within our workshops, where our team of skilled welder/fabricators are hard at work to ensure the highest standards are met.

Our commitment to delivering Engineering Peace of Mind is evident throughout this project, with a focus on precision and collaboration. The Nano Filtration Membrane System, a key aspect of this Salt Whey Desalination solution, has commenced its journey through our manufacturing facility, setting the stage for a transformative impact on our customer’s production capabilities.

As the project progresses, we remain dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line solutions that redefine industry standards and contribute to the success of our valued customers.