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    Open Curd Tables for one of the UK’s leading cheese makers

Sycamore Process Engineering delivers three (OCT’s) Open Curd Tables for one of the UK’s leading cheese makers

Open Curd Tables are fantastically versatile pieces of cheese making equipment as they allow the user to produce multiple cheese types with simple adjustments to the recipe and method. Sycamore Process Engineering was delighted to be able to support one of the largest independent UK cheese makers in doing just this with the design, build and supply of three brand new 42ft long Open Curd Tables.

An initial order of one table was placed to increase production capacity of the dairy by 25 percent, once the first Open Curd Table was delivered and commissioned successfully a subsequent order of two further tables was awarded to replace the existing, worn out tables for the northwest UK cheese maker.

Each new table features an increased 4mm thick stainless-steel bed with reinforced mounting points and support frame producing a robust and long-lasting table construction with minimal movement as the curds are worked.

Other features include a perforated curd dam and removable punched stainless steel drainage screens for fast whey drainage, effective cheese processing and ease of cleaning; overhead carriage and carriage track to house the motors, stirrers, knives and plough; 180° rotating HMI touch screen control panel for full operator control from either side of the table and hygienically sealed door at the end of the table where a curd unloader can be connected for efficient and consistent unloading of curd.

Tim Sharp, MD of Sycamore Process Engineering comments: “This was a fantastic project for us to be involved in as it was one which made an instant difference to the customer, not only through increased production capacity, but efficiency with the equipment delivered. The structure of the dairy means that cheese can be produced continuously with the pasteuriser running non-stop and each vat/table combination being used several times per day – it really runs like a well-oiled machine and allows the company to continue to produce award-winning own label and supermarket branded cheese.”

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