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    20 June 2023

Manufacturing of State-of-the-Art Milk Processing Facility has Commenced

The state-of-the-art milk processing facility for Pembrokeshire Creamery continues to develop. The latest phase has now commenced with manufacturing in our workshops underway. This innovative liquid milk processing facility will be able to process Welsh milk directly from West Wales. This will then be sold in Welsh supermarkets, reducing the current need to transport into England for processing. With designs being approved and issued to our manufacturing department, our team of engineers have wasted no time in commencing the manufacture of the many process modules that will be delivered as part of this project.

The initial manufacturing phase started with Storage Tanks and Milk Distribution Manifolds. It’s now progressed to the Milk and Cream Pasteurisers, whilst the Raw and Finished Clean In Place Systems (CIP) have also started their manufacturing journey.

The benefits of manufacturing process equipment at our head offices allow close collaboration between our Project/Design Engineers and our Welder/Fabricators who are completing the build.

This approach enables an optimal solution where our team members are able to challenge one another ensuring that all potential improvements have been considered.

The manufacturing process is overseen by our Manufacturing Manager, who has a wealth of experience combined with a passion for providing high quality, which is vital throughout this process. The top-quality workmanship will be one of the many benefits that Pembrokeshire Creamery will be receiving as part of this project.

In parallel our team of Process Design Engineers have been working closely with Alfa Laval to specify the most efficient separator. As UK and Ireland’s only Alfa Laval Master Integrator, we have been able to select the most optimal Separator, providing the best skimming efficiencies available.