Pasteurisation is at the heart of many food manufacturing facilities. Produce consistent, safe, and hygienic products with a bespoke pasteurisation module.

Our systems are designed to accommodate a range of plate, tubular and scraped surface heat exchangers and can be used to process food types of different consistencies for our customers throughout the dairy, food and beverage industries.

Applicable to low viscosity liquids e.g. milk for bottling as well as cheese making and creams through to higher viscosity, larger particulate liquids including juices, soups and sauces. 

We have delivered pasteurisation systems to customers across different industries including Dairy, Food, and Beverage industries, including a 66,000 l/h cheese milk duplex pasteuriser that was completed in 2021.

To find out how our capabilities can benefit you download the Pasteurisation brochure.

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  • Fully automated

    Save time and resources with a fully automated, recipe driven solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing factory control system.
  • Low energy consumption

    Always designed to maximise efficiency to minimise the amount of steam, energy and water consumed.
  • Custom designs

    Tailored to suit specific requirements considering product composition, footprint available and customer requirements.
  • Ergonomics

    Our systems are designed to ensure routine maintenance can be carried out quickly and effectively minimising downtime.
  • Exceed industry standards

    Our pasteurisers are designed and built in accordance to the latest food manufacturing standards and most stringent hygiene requirements as well being certified to ISO 9001 ensuring quality is guaranteed.
  • Get the complete package

    From design, manufacture, and installation through to commissioning, validation and optimisation.